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Residential Junk Removal

Over time, it’s natural to collect a lot of unwanted junk that you no longer need. Furniture, electronics, carpets, and yard debris gradually turn to junk when these items are no longer needed. So, what do you do with all these old items when you don’t want to needlessly fill up your garage or attic with more junk? Call Scraps!

Scraps has become a leader in the residential junk removal industry by offering clean, fast, and efficient junk removal. Our professionalism and integrity in the industry are simply unmatched.

Our premier Colorado residential junk removal service is ideal for any homeowner or renter. Whether you have old furniture, an unused piano, or you’re coordinating an estate sale, Scrap is here to help by properly disposing of all of your old items and doing all the heavy lifting—literally and figuratively.

What Items Do We Take?

No matter your junk load (from large items to small), our junk removal services make your life easier by helping you clear the clutter from your home. From spring cleaning to cross-country moves, we can help lighten your load.
Our professional junk removal specialists will take almost any of your unwanted items, including:
  • Furniture.
  • Electronics.
  • Carpets and rugs.
  • Mattresses and box springs.
  • Exercise equipment.
  • Pianos and other musical instruments
  • Garbage and yard waste.
  • BBQs and grills.
  • Pool tables and recreational gear.
  • Bicycles.
  • Hot Tubs.
  • Refrigerators and appliances.
  • And so much more
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At Scraps, we do everything we can to make your residential junk removal experience as quick, efficient, and convenient as possible. But if you’ve never used our services before, you may have a few questions about as to how this all works.

First, just give us a call or visit us online and tell us about which items you need hauled away and we’ll offer you a free quote. In many cases, we can even offer same-day scheduling so you’ll have a cleaner home as soon as possible.

At the agreed upon time, our team of junk removal pros will show up wherever you need us and get to work. Our friendly and experienced team has the tools, resources, and experience to get your junk removal job done quickly and efficiently. Since we not only work here, but also live here, we care about the relationships we build with our neighbors as we help you clean out the clutter.

After we load up your unwanted items, we try to dispose of your old items as sustainably as possible. We’ll recycle what we can, donate what we can, and dispose of the rest according to local regulations.
And that’s how residential junk removal with Scraps works. Pretty simple, right?

Discover the Scraps Difference

We believe that even the dirtiest of jobs can be done with professionalism and quality service. Scraps is here to make a difference in the junk removal industry by providing clean and professional service to all our customers.

We aren’t just two guys showing up in a truck. Scraps is an industry leader in junk hauling services and we pride ourselves on professionalism, on-time service, and efficient organization. We understand that getting rid of your old items can be a hassle. That’s why, in addition to residential junk removal, we also offer commercial junk removal services and dumpster rentals. Simply enough, we’re here to help.

This is what the Scraps difference looks like:
  • Professionalism.
  • On-time service.
  • Crystal clear communication.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Effortless online scheduling.
  • Sustainable junk removal (we utilize recycling services and donate items when we can).
  • Efficient organization and junk removal.

Our easy-to-use scheduling service, professional employees, and transparent pricing take the stress out of any commercial junk removal service needs.

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